Friday, February 2, 2007

How to make a blog

Today I finally stopped procrastinating and started this blog.

My idea for this blog started from a notion that whenever I tried to inform someone of how to do something, I would end up finding holes in my factual knowledge that I would be eager to correct. If I told more people, then my knowledge of the subject would start to correctly align with the truth.

Also, I figured out that you can easily believe something is true without knowing all of the facts. It's easy to believe, but once you start asking others to believe, you end up needing many concrete facts.

Writing my thoughts down will force me to absorb the facts so that I can form an accurate and articulate thought. There is a very slim chance anyone will read this, but that slim chance does keep me on my toes where I feel I must not slip up or fudge the truth.

I hope this experiment works. If I continue after the novelty wears off and my classes get harder, then I will reap the fruits of my labor; better writing skills, more articulate thoughts, and proper understanding of subjects.

I felt like I learned something already with my first post. Here goes nothing!

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